Adelfsh John Lennon, pet name Lenny was born on the 11th May 2011.

Red and White tabby Lenny was our first stud boy and all our thanks go to Sharon Whittle, for such a lovely boy.

Lenny has got lovely big ears, nice lemon shaped eyes and a good change of direction on his nose. Lenny has a good muzzle and whisker pads which will probably continue to develop until he is around two years of age. He has a nice long whippy tail and is a good weight despite his lithe appearance.

Lenny has a lovely friendly nature.

Lenny did fantastically well at the Sphynx GCCF show in January, winning overall best Sphynx in show. He took home lots of toys and food, as well as a cup which has pride of place on the mantlepiece.

Lenny has continued to do well at both TICA and GCCF shows, recently gaining his third challenge certificate, making him a GCCF Champion as well as a TICA one.

Lenny sired six beatiful kittens with the lovely Spice. The kittens were born on the 31st May 2012.