Pet And Show Pet Contract

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Seller: Perviz Alexander, 47 Knox Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 9AH Tel: 07974 828357

Purchaser’s name and address:

In signing this contract, the purchaser agrees to the following:

1. Under no circumstances will this cat or its progeny be leased, given away or sold to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.

2. This cat or kitten must not be resold, traded, given away, rehomed, or placed with anyone other than the purchaser named above. If for any reason, the purchaser is unable to keep the cat or kitten, you must inform the breeder. We may or may not have the room to take the cat back, but will try to rehome it. A partial refund will be offered where possible.

3. The cat or kitten is never to be declawed or tattooed.

4. The purchaser promises that the cat or kitten will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare and will receive regular booster vaccinations and all necessary veterinary care to maintain his or her good health.

5. The purchaser promises to feed the cat or kitten with high quality food, provide warmth, lots of toys and a good quality life with lots of love.

6. Subject to seasonal and hormonal changes, coat colour and the degree of hairlessness cannot be guaranteed.

7. The purchaser understands that if they have requested a show quality cat or kitten, its success on the show bench cannot be guaranteed.

8. Our cats and kittens come with up to date immunisations for flu and enteritis, as well as being regularly wormed. We guarantee their health for 48 hours from purchase, provided they have not been in contact with other cats, dogs or animals and have been checked by a qualified vet within that period. The breeder cannot be held responsible for any vet bills, and therefore the cat or kitten must be insured throughout its life. 

We wish you a long and happy time with your Sphynx.

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